Sri Bala Peetam

Sri Bala peetam

Sri Bala peetam in Nemili has a unique status. It is not a temple, but a house chosen by the goddess for herself. It is her own abode. About 150 years ago, Sri Bala appeared in the dream of Sri Subramanya iyer, came floating in the river, choose her own house and converted as a peetam. From that day the mother of all world, Queen of eternity is seen in Nemili as a 9-year old girl of great beauty and charm. She didn’t make Her abode famous, instead She made famous those who paid a visit to Her. But nobody can visit her without her wish. This uniqueness doesn’t exist anywhere.

Karuvur siddhar( a person with mysterious powers) had predicted 800 years ago in his verse that in central hall of a beautiful house in a particular street, near a riverside, Sri Bala would choose her own abode. He also highlighted that this house, will one day have a national address. It is believed that even today, as many as 18 siddha purushas, including karuvur siddhar live and go around Bala peetam in Nemili town with religious fervor.

If there is a goddess, small in shape and age, it is none other than Nemili Sri Bala. The wonder child measures size the little finger of hand. In luminous brightness of the sun, reigns supreme in fulfilling the desires of her devotees. Whatever favour is asked, Sri Bala as a child goddess grants it. The only place where the nine year old child is the ruler of Her kingdom is Nemili Sri Bala peetam.

Sri Bala peetam in Nemili, is situated 65 km away from vellore and 24 km away from kanchipuram.

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